Three Major Reasons You Need Mobile Payment Processing for Your Business

Small business owners can benefit from utilizing mobile payment processing. By partnering with a local bank for on-the-go payments, small business owners can have peace of mind knowing they have a trusted partner for their financial needs.

Here are some reasons why:

1. Convenience

• Mobile payment processing allows businesses to accept payments anytime, anywhere, without the need for a physical point-of-sale terminal. This makes it easier for customers to pay and for businesses to process payments.

2. Security

• Mobile payment processing with a local bank provides a secure way to accept payments.

3. Local support

• Working with a local bank for mobile payment processing provides access to local support and expertise. This can be especially helpful for small businesses that need personalized help and support.

To get started with mobile payment processing for your small business, click HERE to apply or reach out to your local Her Bank by Legends Bank business banking rep to inquire about merchant options and pricing.

With the right partner, mobile payment processing can be a game changer for your business by saving you time and money while providing a convenient and secure way to accept payments.

About Her Bank

Her Bank is a brand inspired by women for women to create a perfect blend of personalized banking with a modern touch. We pair consultation and customization with technology and resources to provide a holistic approach to help you achieve your financial goals.

Her Bank is a brand of Legends Bank (Tennessee). Legends Bank is Member FDIC and Equal Housing Lender. All products and services are provided by Legends Bank.

Payments For Small Business – Benefits Of Using Local Bank

Simplify Processing Payments by Going Local

Here are 5 Benefits of Banking Local for Your Business

As a woman business owner, you may be considering different options for accepting payments. Have you considered using a local bank? Here are some benefits to consider:

  1. Personalized Service: Local banks pride themselves on providing personalized service to their customers. This means you can expect a more hands-on approach to help you manage your finances.
  2. Community Support: By choosing a local bank, you are supporting your community. You are investing in the local economy and helping to create jobs.
  3. Lower Fees: Local banks often have lower fees than larger banks. This can save you money in the long run.
  4. Faster Access to Funds: With a local bank, you can expect faster access to funds. This means you can keep your business running smoothly without waiting for the payment to clear.
  5. Building Relationships: When you work with a local bank, you have the opportunity to build a long-term relationship with your banker. This can lead to better rates, more personalized service, and a deeper understanding of your business needs.

Consider these benefits when choosing a bank for your business. A local bank may be the right choice for you. At Her Bank by Legends Bank, our team specializes in working with women-owned businesses to customize solutions that fit both short and long-term needs, as we understand everyone’s goals and timelines are unique.

Want to see if Her Bank is the right fit for you?

Start the conversation today here. We’re excited to get to know you!

About Her Bank

Her Bank is a brand inspired by women for women to create a perfect blend of personalized banking with a modern touch. We pair consultation and customization with technology and resources to provide a holistic approach to help you achieve your financial goals.

Her Bank is a brand of Legends Bank (Tennessee). Legends Bank is Member FDIC and Equal Housing Lender. All products and services are provided by Legends Bank.

Get InspiHERed: Summer Reads & Podcasts

Summer 2022 inspiHerations

We may be at the end of summer, but you can still enjoy this season’s book and podcast recommendations poolside, at the beach or somewhere it’s cool while it’s still hot outside!


  • Big Magic – Elizabeth Gilbert 
  • Get What You Want – Julie Solomon
  • City of Likes – Jenny Mollen  

Big Magic – Elizabeth Gilbert 

Elizabeth is a New York Times Best Selling author who may be best known for her book Eat Pray Love delivers an inspirational guide for the creative in all of us! 

Get What You Want – Julie Solomon

Does getting what you want sound appealing but feel impossible to achieve? Julie’s book will give you the tools you need and show you what is possible through owning your story, discovering your purpose, and setting boundaries in order to live the life of your dreams! 

Also check out Julie’s podcast! We’ve included it in this season’s recommendations. 

City of Likes – Jenny Mollen 

This is our first fiction we’ve put on our list, but it’s so good! 

If you have a love/hate relationship with social media or fascinated by the life of influencers, this book is definitely for you! 

Read more here.


  • The Renaissance Podcast – Renaissance Marketing Group
  • The Influencer Podcast – Julie Solomon
  • AMPstigator – Lauren Lowrey

The Renaissance Podcast – Renaissance Marketing Group

A podcast for lovers of business and entrepreneurship that covers what it takes to be a true “Renaissance” woman or man in the business world.

The Influencer Podcast – Julie Solomon

An innovative podcast that explores the secrets behind the ever-changing trends of influencer marketing and the careers of today’s top social influencers.

AMPstigator – Lauren Lowrey

People talk about purpose, but no one tells you how to get there. That is, until now. This podcast takes the conversations out of your head and into your life.

As a brand inspired by women, we want to share what is inspiring us in our downtime through books, podcasts, and more! Follow us on social for more! 

Follow us on social for more! 


Her Bank is a brand of Legends Bank.

Anniversary Event

Tuesday, May 17 was a night of celebration at Saint Elle! It’s been one year since the launch of Her Bank and we’re celebrated in conjunction with the Women’s Editions of Belle Meade Lifestyle and Brentwood Lifestyle magazines.

The evening’s theme centered around the idea of the Butterfly Effect and the impacts women are having out in the world.

Our emcee, Emmy Award-winning meteorologist Nikki-Dee Ray with News Channel 5, dove into the stories of some of the women highlighted in the May issue of the magazines, learning what inspires them, and discovering the butterfly effects they’re having within the communities they serve.

Featured Women:

As part of our Butterfly Effect theme, we supported Resera, a local business that helps women in our community thrive. Our hope is that this one event can create many impacts for other women! Because of the generosity of many warm hearts, we raised $17,800 to benefit Resera’s pathways program and wages for the makers.

Each event attendee received a special gift—a custom, handcrafted butterfly necklace made by the makers at Resera. It was our vision to have a gift that had lasting meaning and could create movement and inspiration through those who wear it. 

Butterfly necklace

About Resera:

Resera is an ethical jewelry brand that employs and empowers women survivors overcoming extraordinary circumstances including homelessness, domestic violence, incarceration, and forced relocation. Using 100% recycled metals, Resera Makers create everything entirely in-house in their Nashville studio, offering you jewelry that’s better for people and the planet.

Get InspiHERed: Spring Reads & Podcasts

We don’t know about you, but we are officially ready for Spring! 

If the new year has you feeling overwhelmed, we would like to offer an escape into a few reads by female authors who also have podcasts to lift your mood and inspire you as we transition into this next season.

Untamed – Glennon Doyle | We Can Do Hard Things

Feed your inner cheetah with Untamed by Glennon Doyle.

Untamed is the third memoir written by the author. While it is powerful and honest, this book is filled with stories to empower and promote self-love in a way that only Glennon can for her readers through her own lived experiences as a woman. 

You can also find Glennon’s podcast “We Can Do Hard Things” on a variety of podcast services. 

Atlas of the Heart – Brene Brown | Unlocking Us

This is our second Brene book and podcast recommendation because we love her work in unpacking what it means to be vulnerable and lead wholehearted lives. 

In her latest book, “Atlas of the Heart”, Brene sums up this bestseller by saying:

“If we want to find the way back to ourselves and one another, we need language and the grounded confidence to both tell our stories and to be stewards of the stories that we hear. In Atlas of the Heart, we explore eighty-seven of the emotions and experiences that define what it means to be human and walk through a new framework for cultivating meaningful connection. This is for the mapmakers and travelers in all of us.”

If you have HBO Max, you can check out her five-part series steaming March 31. 

In the meantime, you can also listen to, Unlocking Us, wherever you listen to podcasts. 

BE. – Jessica Zweig | The SimplyBe. Podcast

Lastly, we have a fantastic read by Jessica Zweig with her debut book titled simply “Be. A No Bulls*it Guide to Increasing your Self Worth and New Worth by Simply Being Yourself.”

If you are struggling with finding your personal brand within your own business, this is a must-read! If you feel like you have a brand identity but struggling to harness its true potential through online and social content, this book is also for you! We were most impressed with her trademarked Personal Brand Hologram®―SimplyBe.’s universal framework can crystallize your utterly unique brand platform. There are guides in the book as well as online when you purchase the audiobook, which is so helpful.

Jessica Zweig is a powerhouse! She’s the CEO and founder of the SimplyBe. agency, a personal branding company that helps millions of people worldwide. She’s been named a “personal branding expert” by Forbes, a Top Digital Marketer to Watch by Inc., one of 2020s Most Notable Entrepreneurs by Crain’s Chicago Business, and the 2018 and 2019 recipient of the international Stevie® Award for Female Entrepreneur of the Year. She’s been featured on FOX, ABC, NBC, Thrive Global, Business Insider, and more as an expert on how an authentic personal brand is the key to a more successful career. (Pulled from Amazon/book)

Jessica’s hometown might be Chicago, but she’s also putting roots here in Nashville with her business and family!

You can check out her podcast, The SimplyBe. Podcast on any podcast streaming provider. 

As a brand inspired by women, we want to share what is inspiring us in our downtime through books, podcasts, and more! Follow us on social for more! 

Follow us on social for more! 


Her Bank is a brand of Legends Bank.

How to Create a Vision Board that Actually Works

Guest collaboration with Tiffany Napper of the Upleveler Society

A vision board to grow your bank account?

Sounds radical, but stick with us here.

If you’re ready to make 2022 your most successful and purposeful year yet, this blog is for you. With everything we’ve experienced over the last couple of years, it’s perfectly normal to find the process of goal-setting overwhelming. 

Sometimes the hardest part is getting started. So we’ve teamed up with business coach and founder of the Upleveler Society, Tiffany Napper, to teach us how to create a vision board that guides you and helps you bring your monetary and personal dreams to life this year.

Call it What You Like…

At the Upleveler Society, we believe magic happens when action and vision intersect. So if the word “vision board” feels a bit too “woo woo” for you, feel free to call it an “action board.” 

In fact, that is what medical doctor, executive coach, and author of The Source: The Secrets of the Universe, The Science of the Brain Tara Swart likes to call it, so you’ll be in good company. 

The next idea we need to normalize is that goal-setting can be done at any time. Your goals do not have to be set in stone on January 1st. And while there is no specific timeline you must adhere to, there are benefits to taking the time to reflect on your visions for the future. In other words, there’s no time like the present. 

What is a Vision Board? 


The most basic definition of a vision board is just this: It’s a collection of images, quotes, and symbols that have meaning to you and bring out feelings of joy, peace, love, and happiness. The images represent your dream life.

Our aim is to create a vision board that will inspire you to take action, rather than something that will merely make you feel wistful for a life you’re not currently living. 

A study by TD Bank showed that 1 in 5 successful entrepreneurs use vision boards. Of these, 76% say that their business is now where they had envisioned it at the beginning

That same study showed that 82% of small business owners that used a vision board from the get-go reported that they have accomplished more than half the goals they included on that board. 

If you’re ready to reach new financial goals, that feels like data that is hard to ignore. 

The Benefits of a Vision Board 

Did you know that the brain assigns a higher value to images than written words on a to-do list? 

By creating a vision board, you are preparing the brain to grasp opportunities that may otherwise have been ignored or avoided. You are actually rewiring your brain. This remarkable capacity is referred to as neuroplasticity, and it allows you to train your brain for success. 

So looking at images on a vision board is extremely effective at influencing your mind and harnessing your intention to bring about positive change. 

And that’s just the beginning. A vision board also increases clarity and focus and reduces doubt and stress. When we set goals for our lives or our businesses, it often requires that we do something new. Doing something new can trigger feelings of stress or uneasiness. 

When you repeatedly look at images related to your goals, your brain no longer sees them as new. Your brain is familiar and has even grown accustomed to the idea, so it no longer triggers feelings of fear. 

In 2017, I created a vision board with a photo of a woman from the cover of a magazine. I didn’t know who she was at the time, but I admired her success and tenacity. One year later, that woman would launch a program, and she would become my mentor and friend. 

There are other facets of that board that came to life for me – my home, the vehicle I drive, and the success of my business all bear an uncanny resemblance to what you’ll find on that vision board. And I know that’s not a coincidence. 

Tips to Create a Vision Board that Works 

Before we start creating our board, we have to get clear on the vision. Close your eyes and imagine your life exactly the way you want it. Go ahead and picture big, scary dreams. And don’t be afraid to get specific. 

What do you see in the 5 most important facets of your brilliant life?

  1. Health and wellness 
  2. Relationships 
  3. Finances
  4. Career 
  5. Travel and Fun 

If you need a little help with this critical part of the process, click here for prompts to align your goals with your vision board.

Now, let’s move on to the action steps.

  1. Purchase a piece of foam board or poster board or cut out the side of a cardboard box to use as the base.
  1. Find images that represent your vision. Use magazines and newspapers. Pinterest or online photography resources like Unsplash also offer an array of royalty-free imagery you can download and print. Clip and print until you have a big stash of images for your collage. 
  1. Personalize your board as much as possible. 
    • Add a photograph of yourself that represents how you want to feel over the next year.
    • Add ticket stubs or fake airline tickets or anything that helps you visualize this vision board being your life.
    • Our personal favorite: take a screenshot of your HerBank bank account and edit it in an app such as Canva to show the balance you want at the end of the year. Add a few more zeros. 
  1. Add quotes and phrases that embody how you want to feel or that inspire you to take action.
  1. Glue or tape your images to your poster board. 
  1. Hang your vision board in an area you frequent such as your home office or your coffee-making station in the kitchen. Some experts believe vision boards work best if you look at them right before you drift off to sleep, so by your bed is another great place to hang your vision board. 
  1. Tap into your feelings. When you look at your vision board, allow yourself to feel your vision. 

In order to rewire the brain and engage in neuroplasticity, we need to activate the feelings of having that amount in our bank account, going on that trip and flying first class, or being in that dreamy relationship. Hold these feelings of joy and excitement for at least 20 seconds, or as long as you can. This will get easier the more you practice, so do it daily. 

  1. Visualize the steps leading up to the end result. 

Visualize yourself doing the work required to grow your bank account, book the first-class trip, and meet your new partner. Don’t just visualize the end goal – visualize the steps you need to take to get there. 

Bonus Tip: Just finish it already! So many times we hear that people haven’t completed or finished their vision board. Don’t get caught up in perfectionism.

Set aside a few hours, and when that buzzer goes off, pretend like you’re on an episode of Project Runway, put down your glue gun, and put your hands in the air. You can always add a few things here and there as the year goes by, so don’t self-sabotage your dream life due to an unfinished vision board that is hiding in a closet.



Now, let’s talk about the supplies you need and a few ways you can make the creation process feel easy and fun.

You’ll need:

  • Display board (posterboard, foam board, or cardboard)
  • Scissors 
  • Glue sticks or double-sided tape
  • Magazine cut outs – lots of them
  • Images from sites like Pinterest or Unsplash
  • Inspiring quotes
  • Personal photo(s)
  • Trinkets, stickers
  • A check to yourself for the amount of money you wish to deposit this year or a print out of your bank statement edited to showcase your dream balance number

To create an inspiring and fun ambiance: 

  • Gather a few floor cushions, pillows and blankets and your favorite candles or essential oils.
  • Break open a bottle of wine or make a cup of chamomile hot tea. 
  • Set the mood with music. An upbeat playlist should do the trick. This one is great if you like upbeat pop tunes, or this one is fun and quirky. 
  • If you’d like, you can practice a nice grounding meditation before you start your vision board to clear your mind and focus on your future.

Next Steps

In order for a vision board to actually impact your bank account and your quality of life, there is a critical next step you must take. 

You have to go out into the world and take the steps that will move your business forward, improve your health and wellness, or allow you to develop deeper relationships. 

You cannot just create a beautiful vision board filled with photos and trinkets that represent your ideal life, sit back and magically wait for it to all unfold. 

You also can’t expect it to all unfold overnight. You have to take one small step followed by another small step to move yourself towards your goals. 

A vision board is a powerful tool that can propel you forward with more ease. Considering the stats and the science behind it, what do you have to lose? Carve out a few hours one night this week and create your vision board for 2022. 

About Tiffany Napper 

Nashville-based Holistic Business Coach and decade-strong entrepreneur Tiffany Napper specializes in helping ambitious, creative entrepreneurs turn their sense of overwhelm into inspired purpose. She’s passionate about helping women build sustainable empires that bring them more abundance and joy.

Tired of witnessing talented, creative women put their dreams on the backburner – or worse, lose their spark because they were so far in the weeds – she launched the Upleveler Society in 2020, a supportive community for creatives who feel bound by exhaustive to-do lists or paralyzed by ideas that feel unachievable.

Learn more about her coaching offerings or join the Upleveler Society membership today.

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Get InspiHERed: Winter Podcasts

This season we’re shifting hustle and bustle to relax and restore with these podcast recommendations!

Ground and Gratitude with Lorilee Rager

Launched this year, this podcast delivers honest conversations with people thriving in the midst of adversity, grief, uncertainty, and even sobriety. Lorilee’s conversations are meant to provide insight into real human experiences and the lessons learned through resilience, inner wisdom, and community that support living your best life!

Listen on Spotify

Dare to Lead with Brene Brown

Best-selling author and queen of vulnerability, Brene Brown, speaks to the heart of leadership in this podcast series. Based on her book “Dare to Lead” Brown explores many topics to discover what it means to be a wholehearted leader.

Listen on Spotify

The Marie Forleo Podcast

The author of “Everything is Figureoutable” delivers episodes to inspire you to be the best version of yourself.  She covers everything from productivity, mental health, love, money, business, happiness, and so much more!

Listen on Spotify

So, if you have as little as 15 minutes or hours in the car, we have some fuel for your soul that will keep you inspired and uplifted! 

Follow us on social for more!  


Her Bank is a brand of Legends Bank.

Get InspiHERed: Fall & Winter Reads

Wrap up in your favorite blanket and snuggle with this season’s reading recommendations.

“Weather” you’re ready to harvest abundance or inspiration, you’ll “fall” in love with these heart-warming books we’ve selected this season! 

“The Path Made Clear” by Oprah Winfrey
“Cultivator and Creator” by Lorilee Rager
“Super Attractor” by Gabrielle Bernstein 

Sweater Weather Cozy – “The Path Made Clear” by Oprah Winfrey is a compilation of interviews with well-known figures and reflections from the Queen that is Oprah Winfrey! This is a book you can pick up anytime you need inspiration and wisdom!


Harvesting Goodness – our local pick “Cultivator and Creator” by Lorilee Rager is the personal story of life on the farm in a small town in southern Kentucky and the life lessons learned from the simplicity and complexity of the farm family life. Ultimately leading to a life of sobriety and authenticity, Lorilee covers the path to recovery through the discovery of the woman she is and who she is becoming. 


Manifesting Abundance – gearing up for the “New Year, New Me” season, Gabrielle Bernstein’s “Super Attractor” is a great resource for those who are looking for a simple guide to manifesting a better life. 


As a brand inspired by women, we want to share what is inspiring us in our downtime through books, podcasts, and more! Follow us on social for more! 


Her Bank is a brand of Legends Bank.

Get InspiHERed: Summer Podcasts

Now that we’re in the dog days of summer and kiddos are getting ready to go back to school, we’re reflecting on what we’ve been listening to this summer!! 

This season’s recommendations range from soul lifting to leaving you in stitches!! 

Super Soul with Oprah Winfrey

A collection of conversations, this uplifting and introspective podcast features many thought and spiritual leaders, best-selling authors, and wellness gurus to inspire you to become your best self. 

Listen on Spotify

Living with Landyn – Landyn Hutchinson 

Our local pick this season! From fashion and beauty tips to raising chickens and children, Landyn delivers “all the things” with her podcast and special guests to provide insight on, well…living! 

Listen on Spotify

Absolutely Not – Heather McMahan 

•Warning – adult content•

If you’re a “love Jesus but I cuss a little” kind of gal, you’ll love Heather McMahan’s Absolutely Not podcast!! ATL based comedian speaks the “raw” truth about life, love, family, and career! If you hate to laugh, don’t listen!! This podcast will leave you with a mini ab workout from all the giggles!! 

Listen on Spotify

As a brand inspired by women, we want to share what is inspiring us in our downtime through books, podcasts, and more! Follow us on social for more! 

Follow us on social for more! 


Her Bank is a brand of Legends Bank.


Her Bank is a brand of Legends Bank. Legends Bank is Member FDIC and Equal Housing Lender. All products and services are provided through Legends Bank. For more information, visit