How to Grow Your Small Business

Owning a small business can feel overwhelming as you may have put everything on the line to follow your dream. It helps to have a good plan of action. It also doesn’t hurt to have a team of trusted people like the ones at Legends Bank and Her Bank in your corner!

Create a financial business plan

Go the distance and develop a long-term business plan to stay focused on your goals. Be sure to include all the reasons you started your business; this will create a motivational tool you can use when facing challenges along the way.

Designate a person at your financial institution to help with hard decisions. Appointing a person you trust to give you advice on the options that will work best for your business will help the process of making hard choices a little easier. Our professionals at Legends Bank are here to help.

Build business and banking relationships

Grow your connections! Find networking events in your area and work on building relationships with other experienced entrepreneurs. When you find a business owner you trust and admire, you should consider setting up a mentorship program. It could pay off in the future!

Go Local

Community banks are an excellent resource for small businesses. Hometown economies depend on a healthy community bank supplying small business loans. As a small business, partnering with a local bank can allow you to build and forge productive, close working relationships.

Her Bank is a brand of Legends Bank

About Legends Bank
Legends Bank is a community bank established in 1998 in Clarksville, Montgomery County. The bank currently offers nine branch locations across four counties in middle Tennessee to include Davidson, Williamson, and Cheatham Counties.


Her Bank is a brand of Legends Bank. Legends Bank is Member FDIC and Equal Housing Lender. All products and services are provided through Legends Bank. For more information, visit